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Energy losses got you steamed?
Rosemount 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter

Provides acoustic event detection including leaks in steam traps & pressure relief valves.

• Improves energy efficiency & environmental compliance.
• Simple non-intrusive installation
• Use with any existing WirelessHART Gateway and mix with other instruments.

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Emerson’s Smart Wireless products and solutions extend PlantWeb predictive intelligence into areas that were previously out of physical or economic reach, opening the door for new possibilities in process improvement. Remote locations, physical obstructions, and the high cost of engineering and integrating new technologies are no longer the barriers they were.


Wireless products:

·          Measurement & Analytical
·          Systems & Software
·          Vibration Monitoring
·          Discrete & Position Monitoring
·          Smart Wireless Gateway 
·          Smart Wireless THUM Adapter
·          Smart Wireless Field Starter Kit
·          Critical Asset Monitoring



A Proven Solution - Rotating Equipment Monitoring

Wireless Vibration Transmitter.pdf

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