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ABZ Valve - Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves

AMS Suite
 - Predictive Intelligence to Improve the Availability and Performance of your Key Production Assets

- Solenoid Valves

Berthold Technologies - Radiometric Instrumentation

- Pneumatic, Electric & Hydraulic Actuators

Bristol - Measurement & Control Products for remote SCADA applications

BS&B Systems
- Rupture disks, explosion vents, buckling pins, graphite disks, sensors, suppression systems

Checkfluid - Oil sampling valves, accessories and mounting hardware

CSI - Machinery Health Management

CTC - Accelerometers, Sensors, and Cables for Vibration Analysis

Daniel - Flow and Energy Measurement Products, Systems and Services

DeltaV - Scalable Process Systems

DeltaV SIS - For Process Safety Systems

Des-Case - Contamination control products for industrial lubricants

DSI - Gate, globe & check valves

EIM - Electric, Quarter Turn and Multi Turn Actuators

El-o-Matic - Electric and Rack & Pinion Actuators

FieldQ - Intelligent Modular Actuation Solutions

Fisher - Control Valves, Regulators

FLIR® - Thermal Imaging, Night Vision and Infrared Camera Systems

FluoroSeal - Specialty Valves

Frisch - Large Bore Specialty Butterfly & Gate Valves

Fulflo - Hydraulic bypass relief valves

Heat-Timer - Weather actuated controls for steam and hot water heating systems

Hytork - Pneumatic Actuators for Aggressive Corrosive Environments

IMI Sensors
- Industrial Monitoring Instrumentation

IntelliSAW - Advanced Monitoring Solutions for Critical Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Assets

LAI Reliability - PM optimization and lean maintenance

Luneta - Smart Products - Reliable Machines

Magtech - Magnetic and magnetostrictive level instrumentation

Micro Motion - Coriolis Flow and Density Meters

Noria - The Lubrication and Oil Analysis Resource

- Ball Valves for Oil and Chemical Processing Industry - Sold everywhere but NFLD 

Ovation - Expert Control Systems

PlantWeb - Digital Plant Architecture

Precision Digital
 - Digital panel meters, displays and control instrumentation

PROGNOST Systems - Safety Protection and Online Monitoring for Rotating Equipment

Red Valve - Pinch valves, manual and control knife gate valves (Labrador only)

Richter Process Pumps and Valves - Magnetic drive pumps, mechanically sealed pumps, ball valves, control valves, butterfly valves, sliding stem valves, etc.

ROC - Measurement & control products for remote SCADA applications

Rosemount Analytical - Liquid and Gas Analysis

Rosemount - Temperature, Pressure, Level, Flow & Wireless Instruments

Rosemount - Volume Level Measurement

Rosemount Flame & Gas - Fixed flame and gas detection

Rosemount TankRadar - Level Control

- Rotary Vane Actuators, Engineered Hydraulic Power Units and Offshore & Gas Pipeline Systems

SIE - Valve, Regulator, and Control Specialists

Sigma Reliability Solutions - Dollars & $ense Training Series & Consulting

Smart Wireless – Field and plant networks

Solent & Pratt - High Performance Butterfly Valves

Spectro Scientific - Fluid Analysis and Measurement

Syncade - Smart Operation Management Suite

Tideflex - Check valves, effluent diffusers, aeration & mixing (TMS) systems. (Labrador only)

Topworx - Valve Control, Position Sensing and Field Networking Solutions

UE Systems
- Ultrasonic Detection Equipment & Plant Reliability

VCI - CSA approved Gas Ball Valves

Virgo - Ball Valves & Automation Systems

Winters Instruments - Pressure gauges, thermometers, diaphragm seals, pressure transmitters, pressure switches, and accessories